As the blazing fire reduces wood into ashes, O Arjuna,
so does jñānāgni, the fire of wisdom reduce all karmic bondage to ashes.
— Bhagavad Gita 4.37

Jnanagni would mean ‘The Fire of Wisdom’. Jna, in Sanskrit (and other Indian languages) means to know. Jnana is traditionally translated as knowledge. But these days the term knowledge is used to denote accumulation of data. Accumulated data doesn’t liberate you, but it’s the spontaneous wisdom from within that dispels the darkness of ignorance in a flash.

About the website and the author

Hello, I’m Srini, and I’m the author of this website. This is a place where I collect quotes and words of wisdom that inspire me. I used to have this habit of noting down quotes in a notebook, and later I typed those down in a Word document. Few years back I thought, why not put all this online so that it’s accessible to anyone who needs some inspiration, and this website is the result.

No doctrines, no dogma. I take wisdom from wherever it comes from and I don’t care much about the credentials of who says it. To me what matters is the message, not the messenger. And even though I quote from all kinds of sources, I’m absolutely unaffiliated to any religious group or sect. The wisdom shared through this website is universal wisdom.

So, this website is all about celebrating wisdom, wisdom that liberates us from all bondage.

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