Happy Yoga Day!

No words can express my gratitude for the regular practice of yoga and meditation I have held on for years. There have been phases in my life where I have very very undisciplined otherwise, there have been phases of extreme depression and loneliness, and it’s only the daily practice of yoga and meditation that has been my anchor, my pole star, that has been a saviour preventing me from getting lost on a number of occasions. And the inner knowledge, control and ease that comes with years of regular practice is something priceless that I wouldn’t exchange for anything. I really wish more and more people practise and appreciate these techniques developed with much wisdom and handed down carefully over centuries.

Here’s something for people wanting to get started with yoga… the Surya Namaskar. Basically it’s a set of stretches anyone reasonably fit can practise, it’s a pretty complete exercise for the body, the breath and the mind when practised the right way.


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